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You may want to take a look at

As you are using gcc, you can use the Makefile. Simply adjust the fileld

the "user settings" section of the makefile.


Am 25.11.2019 um 11:12 schrieb Stefan Schroeder:
With the help of Milind's codeblocks project I have been able to
compile srlua and glue,
but not all is good.

How I compile now:

Using srlua-102 as recommended by Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo from

Compiling like this:

     mingw32-gcc.exe -Wall -O2 -static-libgcc  -c srglue.c -o glue.o
     mingw32-g++.exe  -o glue.exe glue.o  -s
     mingw32-gcc.exe -Wall -O2 -static-libgcc -I. -I$(LUA_INCDIR) -c
srlua.c -o srlua.o
     mingw32-g++.exe  -o srlua.exe  srlua.o -s $(LUA_DLL) -mwindows
     .\glue.exe .\srlua.exe test.lua out.exe

With test.lua having
   print("hello world")

While it compiles and creates "out.exe", it doesn't work, because
"out.exe" doesn't print anything when run (no error, but also no

Using TDM-GCC-5.1.0-3 and Lua-5.3.