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... if you use some "special language" locale, which uses many chars in the
range 0x80...0xFF, then really UTF8 might collide with tolower and
toupper... (... tolower and toupper were only side remark here... but you
are right, this might disturb some poeple if you introduce UTF8 ... but as
tolower and toupper work on strings, you currently anyway have this problem
anyway... if you extend to variable names, then on the currently allowed
ASCII chars for variable names (range 0...7F), tolower and toupper for sure
will continue working as now, because in the range 0..7F the locale does NOT

Concerning "strange chars" in UTF8 (like some "crazy punctuation chars" etc
etc) I would NOT recommend to care about this from lua compiler side... I
think this should be job of the editor ... . I am myself no specialist in
using UTF8 editors ... but I hope there are such editors available which are
able to show any possilbe UTF8 punctuation chars, or any UTF8 chars with
very similar writing than e. g. "lower code number" UTF8 chars in red colour
or something similar... .

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