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Hi Marcus,
but I would like to include Unicode ONLY for variable names (and of course
for string contents, but therefore it is included already in lua). As I
understand it, this usually would NOT touch the basic lua texting, nor the
libraries if I understand this correctly.

(I assume if in a library a variable name is used in string form, it is just
a zero-terminated string, but this keeps the same if UTF8 is allowed).
(somtimes you would possibly use tolower or toupper with such variable
names, but this tolower and toupper then of course will operate only on the
ASCII chars, these 2 functions leave the non-ascii bytes all untouched
(Unicode-UTF8-Charpoints only have bytes in the range 0x80...0xFF, those
bytes are NOT touched by toupper / to lower)).

... or maybe I did not understand your post correctly ... in this case could
you show some short example?

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