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On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 12:00 PM Sean Conner <> wrote:

>  I did say that.   Twice.  Granted, they were in parentheticals but they are there.

One of them was "(for the record, it worked under Linux)", whence I could not deduce it produced the same output.

>                                         _The MS-DOS Encyclopedia_

When it comes to static linking, you might as well use a contemporary source:

"Object files on the command line are processed in the order they appear on the command line. Libraries are searched in command line order as well, with the following caveat: [...]"

My point was about PE DLLs, though. In PE, there is a clear distinction between imports and exports. To create an equivalent of an elfian public symbol in a shared library, a DLL export would also have to be an import and would need a body, which to my knowledge is impossible using Microsoft's tools. I am not sure whether one could do that with a special tool exploiting PE's dark corners, but then we would end up with the "original" DLL's having to be built in some weird (for Windows) way, which kind of nullifies the whole point of the exercise.