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It was thus said that the Great Viacheslav Usov once stated:
> Speaking of real-word portability, so far it has only been demonstrated
> that one gets consistent results using shared libraries on Windows and
> (probably) Linux (and, pedantically, it is unknown if this is stable if we
> use different linkers). 

  No, the output I saw under Linux was consistent with Solaris, NOT Windows.

> The behaviour on Solaris, while consistent with
> itself, seems different, wherein the patched function seems to be used even
> when called indirectly, while the former platforms use it only when it is
> directly called. 

  Again, Windows only exhibited that behavior, not Linux.

> For the record, the demonstrated behaviour on Solaris 

and Linux

> seems more useful for
> patching than that on Linux and Windows, but I suspect there ain't no such
> thing as a free lunch so we are yet to see what tradeoffs that really
> involves.