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It was thus said that the Annoying Philippe Verdy once stated:
> I can pretend that you reconfirm once again what I said, by confirming that
> your example is hard to find (if we cannot find and evaluate it, then your
> reply is justifying nothing at all, it just proves that you cannot justify
> your opposition by verifiable arguments you could have invented only to
> give a contradiction...)
> Yes there are programming languages that use "late binding" (i.e. where
> bionding is not solved at all imemdiately, allowing multiple names/symbols
> to coexist and remain unfiltered), but this does not prove that these
> languages are usable for anything, without finally using a final "linker"
> that will resolve the references to names using a well defined and
> predictable order with additional data (or environment) specifying the
> expected ordering rules.

  You know what?  You're right.  I'm wrong.  I'm outta here.