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I said "I do not know", you replied by giving an example you know but is almost confidential, whose applications using it are rare to find.

So you don't disagree what I said, you confirm it!

Le mer. 21 nov. 2018 à 20:34, Sean Conner <> a écrit :
It was thus said that --------- Philippe Verdy once stated:
> I do not know any example where a well defined priority order is not used
> by any "linker" (or programming language, or shell using linking/binding)
> for resolving "names", "symbols", or "variables", even in languages that
> allow symbolic values (e.g. Lisp, or Prolog).


  A computer language with non-deterministic binding (and flow control, but
I digress), used for a few commerical programs that I know of.

  -spc (There are *always* exceptions, except for death ... )