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It was thus said that the Great Philippe Verdy once stated:
> I cannot even find any reference about INRAC on the net. All I find is the
> acronym and brand in France of the "Institut National pour la Retraite
> ACtive", a training institute for senior people.
> I find a reference in GitHub for the name of a module written in Perl for
> reverse engineering of RAC files used in the early 1980s by the RACTER
> program, used for chatting, an ancestor of IRC... But I don't know if you
> refer to this Perl module and its related language. This is an alpha
> module, not tested, not even documented.

  Congratulations!  RACTER was, in fact, written in INRAC and was
commercially available in tthe mid 80s [1][2].  The RAC files *is* the
program, and the language itself is non-deterministic in resolving names
which I gave as an example to back up the point Viacheslav Usov was making.


[1]	It was even used in the writing of the book _The Policemans' Beard
	is Half Constructed_ (

[2]	The INRAC compiler was also available commercially, but is hard to