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On 10 Nov 2018, at 13:51, Norman Ramsey <> wrote:

I have a large installed based of Lua 5.1 code (about 75,000 lines),
and I've recently found it useful to write Lua code that is a lot
like Make rules.  This code needs to rebuild files when the code
itself has changed, so I need to get a timestamp on the file in
which the code lives.  I see that in Lua 5.3, there are facilities
like `package.searchpath` and an extension to `require` (relative to 5.1)
that can pass an extra parameter.  Can anyone suggest a way to
replicate this functionality in 5.1?


I don’t know if it's of any help, but there is a pure-lua implementation of ‘require’ available. I think by Rob Hoelz. You might be able to adapt those?

Here’s one:

But this is the one I was looking for: