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2018-06-27 22:31 GMT+02:00 Kenneth Lorber <>:

> Since we are clearly not communicating effectively, let's try this from
> another direction:
>> math.random(3,4,5)
> stdin:1: wrong number of arguments
>> t={}
>> table.insert(t,1,2,3,4)
> stdin:1: wrong number of arguments to 'insert'
> Are these bugs that should be fixed in Lua?


A bug is behaviour that differs from the documentation: if you do as
the manual says and something different happens, that would be a bug.

By and large the manual leaves undocumented what happens at the Lua
level if you fail to do as the manual says. Whatever it does is then
by definition not a bug.

Roberto himself has said [1]: 'Please stop calling "bug" something
that does not behave as you wanted
or imagined.'