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I thought I will give a quick update on what's happening with Ravi.

Here are the things I am working on:

1. A Ravi distribution
(; working on
2. Generational GC from Lua 5.4 - this is mostly done but I am waiting
for Lua 5.4 final release to complete this.
3. Some other changes in Lua 5.4 will be merged.
4. A new parser / code generator is being worked on. So far only got
to AST stage.
5. The dmrC C parser is now included in Ravi.
6. A new JIT backend based on OMR JIT technology will be worked on
after I have integrated this with the dmrC front-end.
7. A new way of defining C functions (via api) that allows fast direct
calls to C functions that take primitive or pointer arguments (will
only support specific argument/return value combinations). This
bypasses the standard Lua mechanism for calling C functions.
8. Faster memory allocation by integrating Doug Lea's malloc library.

So many things being worked on in parallel but I don't have timescales
for a release.