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On 6/6/2018 8:53 PM, Albert Chan wrote:

Why don't you compile your binaries for SSE2 only? Even easier, just compile to 64-bit binaries? Surprising you mentioned Windows uses extended precision by default when there is x64 on every 64-bit capable Intel/AMD/other chip... and has been so for many, many years already.

I already picked 53-bits roundings.
I use my own laptop behavior just as a example, same with fsum.lua

David Gay's dtoa.c strtod maybe a better example.
With 53-bits roundings, it optimized away common cases [1]

strtod("123456789e-20", NULL)
= 123456789 / 1e20   -- both numbers exactly represented in double
= 1.23456789e-012    -- division guaranteed correct rounding

Say 123456789 is correct to 9 digits. Divide it by anything, it will be useful to less than 9 digits. Whatever perfect results to 16 digits that is produced does not matter. The latter things only matter to mathematicians looking for some kind of perfection.

Avoid the 8087 datapath, it's not hard to avoid that legacy thing.

seems we are in agreement here.

But, if you believe in this, why not add it to Lua ?
This will automatically let everyone avoid it too.

It's a banana skin, just walk around the banana skin. The rest of us, we don't need to be walking there.

You already are walking there, just dont know it.
It is hidden behind Lua default of showing 8 significant digits.

Python3 default to show just enough digits to round-trip [2]
So, even 1 ULP difference will shows up in the output.

Should Lua put the banana skin in the trash ?



Oh no, you've drunk too much of the kool-aid. Oh, I'm aware of the site above. Long discussion elsewhere last year. Here, read more to mess with your mind:

You've laser-focused onto some kind of path.

I don't think I will bother to change your mind any further. You work it out on your own.

Good luck in your request to Roberto & co.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Selangor, Malaysia