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On 6/6/2018 1:15 AM, Albert Chan wrote:

If someone insists on _PERFECTION_ for their floating-point output,
they should use the hexadecimal format. Lua has full support for
hexadecimal floating-point numerals.

-- Roberto

Hexadecimal format won't help

Yeah, he seems to have misunderstood me there.

It is not the output is off, it is the float internal bits.
Double rounding cause the value to be off by +/- 1 ULP

It is OK if Lua did this consistently throughout its distribution.
Bad rounding is compensated by higher internal float precision.

I preferred rounding in 53-bits. 64-bits rounding had issues.

Why don't you compile your binaries for SSE2 only? Even easier, just compile to 64-bit binaries? Surprising you mentioned Windows uses extended precision by default when there is x64 on every 64-bit capable Intel/AMD/other chip... and has been so for many, many years already.

Avoid the 8087 datapath, it's not hard to avoid that legacy thing. Then everything will look like a modern 64-bit FPU datapath like all the other chip archs, more or less, and let's hope the ULPs are consistent between chip archs and the chips too, ha ha.

It's a banana skin, just walk around the banana skin. The rest of us, we don't need to be walking there.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Selangor, Malaysia