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On 6/1/18, Etiene Dalcol <> wrote:
> Hello folks,
> Can anyone recommend me a good tool for mobile development in Lua?
> I know you can use corona for apps, but it is more game dev oriented.
> Is there anything similar to React-Native?
> Cheers,
> Etiene

This is still early and largely incomplete, but I've been developing
native iOS and Android (and Mac & Emscripten) backends for IUP. IUP
has Lua bindings.

I presented at the Lua Workshop 2017 about it:

I also did a prior video focused on iOS & Android:

This is part of my effort to develop Blurrr SDK, which my associate in
the Lua Workshop talk describes as "'Create React App' for native

Blurrr SDK got started with SDL based libraries so people could build
cross-platform games for desktop & mobile. I've been implementing IUP
so people can also choose to do traditional apps.

The current version of Blurrr includes a "sneak preview" build of IUP
(Lua bindings included), that contains my current progress on all the
ports. As I said, it is still early and largely incomplete (Mac is
much further along), but if you have a narrow set of GUI requirements,
maybe we can focus on getting enough implemented to do your app.

Please feel to contact me directly if you would like to discuss more.

* Disclaimer: I used to work at Corona.