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On 1 Jun 2018, at 23:32, Javier Guerra Giraldez <> wrote:

On 1 June 2018 at 14:21, Thijs Schreijer <> wrote:
Despite the disappointed reactions on the above message so far, I for one couldn’t care less.

I'm roughly on the same place.

I agree with this for tables in general too, but I can see the value in one of the initial motivations which I believe was to have a reliable arguments object rather than the magical `...` syntax entity.  Solving this with an immutable tuple is the best path forward in my opinion, and something I'd quite like to see, but the issue of tuple equality and hashability is not trivial to solve (although related, and could probably use a variant of the string interning behaviour).  If I ever find a week with nothing to do I might try to implement it.