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Hi All,

While implementing all meta methods in some glue code between Lua and
C++ I'd became curious why __bshr and __bshl both exist. For the
compare operators a smart trick is used so you don't need to implement
them all.

To make sure my glue code behaves the same as Lua I simply tried all
operators, e.g.

Lua 5.3.3  Copyright (C) 1994-2016, PUC-Rio
> print(2 << -1)
> print(2 >> 1)

This is legal in Lua, so why not only a __bshr meta method and call
this with a negative shift count for the << operator?

Just curiosity, no complain ;) I really like Lua and its easiness to
embed. (I also experimented with python and v8)

Best regards,