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On 4/7/2018 10:14 AM, Italo Maia wrote:
Hi fella's,

just passing by to let you know we have a unofficial(?) Lua Telegram group for less technical insights, quick support and pizza party discussions.

Telegram seems to be saying all the right things and the nice things. (They all do, but things will change if venture capital gets into the picture.) It remains to be seen whether it will gain traction.

But it's yet another discussion group platform that whose feature set says 'more engagement'.

Fellow coders, be aware of how you do productive work. It's like the age-old clash of cultures: closed-door rooms or cubicles in open office settings. How do you code productively? If you need extended time to focus without distractions, then all of these social messaging apps or groups will be bad for you.

Remember, not everything is good for everybody. This will be great for some people but some others who attempt to emulate this kind of work-style may find their productivity significantly impaired.

IMHO we should not expect such 'engaged' or attention demanding discussion groups to take off like a rocket and have devs flock to them en masse. Some of us may be actively avoiding such things, for good reasons.

If you feel that there is still room in your heart for one more lua discussion channel, please, come say hello!


*Why telegram?*
Sea Pug Puppy stickers my friend, sea pug puppy stickers ...

*Why another group?*
Why not? I

*So, I can talk about Lua AND Pizza? Tell me more ...*
Pretty simple, avoid talking about "pineapple pizza" and you're good to go. Also, tell us about your lua projects. plans and stuff.

"A arrogância é a arma dos fracos."

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Selangor, Malaysia