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On 22 September 2017 at 23:25, Valerio Santinelli <> wrote:
>> 1)
>> > local LUA version
>> > next version of LUA will
>> > Please do not write it as "LUA", which is both ugly and confusing,
>> > because
>> then it becomes an acronym with different meanings[1] for different
>> people.
>> So, please, write "Lua" right!
>> [1]
> Sorry about that :-P
> And good to hear that the next version will fix this.

The poster was just quoting you; there was no clarification on what
the next version of Lua may contain.

> It would probably help to speak with someone at Apple to understand the
> extent of the decision of removing system() entirely.

I'd be extremely surprised if someone at Apple would comment on this.

If they're deprecating system() because they're removing a way to run
programs, then they should really just be replacing it with a stub
such as:

int system(const char* command) {
    if (!command) return 0; /* system(NULL) returns 0 if no shell is
available */
    return -1; /* system() returns -1 if child process cannot be created */