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Thanks for the quick reply.


> local LUA version
> next version of LUA will

> Please do not write it as "LUA", which is both ugly and confusing, because
then it becomes an acronym with different meanings[1] for different people.
So, please, write "Lua" right!


Sorry about that :-P
And good to hear that the next version will fix this.
> int      system(const char *) __DARWIN_ALIAS_C(system);

Are they provide any official replacement for that (the command to call
external application and receive the output)?

Up until iOS 10 they used to flag it as deprecated with the following message:

'system' is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 8.0 - Use posix_spawn APIs instead.

But posix_spawn isn't exactly like system(). They are quite different.
At the same time posix_spawn isn't available on tvOS and watchOS and it wouldn't be a surprise that calling it in an iOS application would either silently fail or flag your app as using APIs that shouldn't be used. Or even worse it might be removed in the next iteration of iOS.

It would probably help to speak with someone at Apple to understand the extent of the decision of removing system() entirely.


Valerio Santinelli