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I need to send the image file using multipart request from Lightroom to my local web service using Lua language.

I have tested using sending headers also but not working...

I have created a function called as  uploadUsingMultipart ():

Calling this uploadUsingMultipartfunction from:

function exportServiceProvider.processRenderedPhotos(functionContext, exportContext)

    -- Make a local reference to the export parameters.
    local exportSession = exportContext.exportSession
    local exportParams = assert(exportContext.propertyTable)

    -- Set progress title.
    local nPhotos = exportSession:countRenditions()

    -- get server
    --    serverId = exportParams.serverValue
    --    server = prefs.serverTable[serverId].server

    -- get album
    --   local  albumName = exportParams.albumValue
    --    outputToLog("album name==" .. albumName)

    local progressScope = exportContext:configureProgress {
        title = nPhotos > 1
                and LOC("$$$/GalleryUpload/Upload/Progress=Uploading ^1 photos to the Gallery", nPhotos)
                or LOC "$$$/GalleryUpload/Upload/Progress/_One_=Uploading one photo to the Gallery",

    -- Iterate through photo renditions.
    local failures = {}
    local photos_added = {}

    for i, rendition in exportContext:renditions { stopIfCanceled = true } do

        -- update the progress information

        progressScope:setPortionComplete((i - 1) / nPhotos)

        -- Get next photo.
        local photo =

        if not rendition.wasSkipped then

            local success, pathOrMessage = rendition:waitForRender()

            -- Check for cancellation again after photo has been rendered.
            if progressScope:isCanceled() then
            if success then

                local filename = LrPathUtils.leafName(pathOrMessage)

                -- When done with photo, delete temp file. There is a cleanup step that happens later,
                -- but this will help manage space in the event of a large upload.


function uploadUsingMultipart(filepath) --created inside LrTasks

local url = "http://localhosturl"
local mycontent = {
                name = "lightroom_message",
                value = "sent from lightroom plugin multiparta"

                    name = 'file',
                    filePath = filepath,
                    fileName = LrPathUtils.leafName(filepath),
                    contentType = 'multipart/form-data'

 local response, headers = LrHttp.postM
ultipart(url, mycontent)


But my web service is not getting called properly and I am using LrHttp.postMultipart() method to do so..

If I am sending just this param to web service (then working fine):

     name = "lightroom_message",
     value = "sent from lightroom plugin multiparta"

but when I include my file payload then its not working using pure Lua implementation.