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Enforce strict declaration of all variables (including functions) in any
environment prior to any use or reassignment within that environment.

I am happy to announce release 1.1 of std.strict.

This module started life as `etc/strict.lua` in the Lua 5.0 distribution,
and has shipped for several years in lua-stdlib. I’m still slimming down
lua-stdlib in preparation for the next release, but this release of
std.strict fixes some corner cases when using it with Specl.

### Noteworthy changes in release 1.1 (2016-04-10) [stable]

#### New features

  - Strict environments created by this module now correctly proxy `len`
    and `pairs` calls to the environment table.

    Note that `ipairs` works by looking for the first numeric key with a
    `nil` value, and a `nil` valued key in the environment table is the
    exact criterion for an undeclared variable access.  This means that
    passing a strict environment table to `ipairs` always triggers an
    "assignment to undeclared variable <#env + 1>" error.

#### Incompatible changes

  - To avoid clashing with PUC-Rio strict.lua, rename this package to
    std.strict.  You should change client packages to load from its new

    local strict = require "std.strict"

  - To minimise the number of places the release number needs to be
    updated, the `std.strict._VERSION` constant has been replaced by a
    generated `std.strict.version` submodule.

Install it with LuaRocks using:

    luarocks install std.strict 1.1