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Boris Nagaev asked:

> 0. How to run Lua scripts from command line?

Only the GUI app supports Lua scripting.  I didn't really think there
would be much desire for scripting in the command line version.
I'll have a look at adding that in version 1.2.  It shouldn't be too
hard to move all the Lua-interface code out of gui-wx/wxlua.cpp and
into a new scripting.cpp file in the basecode directory.

> 1. How can I add Russian lexicon?

If you want to use Cyrillic then not possible.  The current lexicon
format uses the MacRoman encoding internally (Ag is a re-write of an
old Mac program I wrote in the early 90s).  MacRoman allows lexicons
to support many non-English languages (French, German, Italian, etc)
but retain the simplicity and speed of one byte per letter.

I've thought about adding support for Unicode lexicons but it would
be a lot of work.  Until then, the best you can do would be to create
a text file with "anglicized" Russian words and use "Load Lexicon"
to load that file, then "Save Lexicon" to create a .lex file.

> 2. Where are build instructions?

I probably need to add something like Build.html to the docs directory.
There are some simple build notes in the comments at the top of the
supplied makefiles.

> 3. What is the license?

All the code I've written (ie. everything outside the lua directory)
is in the public domain.

> 4. How can I compile it with my system-wide Lua?

>From your later post it seems you use Linux, so I think you'd just
need to make some fairly simple changes to gui-wx/makefile-gtk.
Might be as easy as changing the LUADIR path.