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Ag is a free, open source anagram generator that runs on Windows,
Mac OS X and Linux.  Version 1.1 is now scriptable, thanks to Lua.
More details, including download links and screenshots, are here:

The distribution includes a number of example scripts:

conundrums.lua   -- generates 9-letter anagrams made from 2 words
crossword.lua    -- creates a random crossword puzzle
ladders.lua      -- finds word ladders
lexstats.lua     -- displays statistics about the current lexicon
palindromes.lua  -- finds all palindromes in the current lexicon

This image shows Ag's console window after running lexstats.lua:

I've only been using Lua for a couple of months, so feedback from
experienced Lua programmers would be most welcome.

Andrew Trevorrow (aka Overt Word Warren)