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I am tinkering around with adding some basic Windows Forms functionality from Lua into My C# App. I am using LuaInterface as the glue.

I decided to firstly ignore the Lua syntax and just try and get something working and then re look at the Lua syntax later. I am at that point now but not too sure how to proceed.

I have got code like this to create a Windows Form

local frm1 = myApp.newForm ({})    -- The passed in table contains form init params, omitted for brevity

in the c# code the function newForm() just simply return the c# Windows Form instance, which then gets returned to Lua as a Userdata (LuaInterface handles that conversion)

I can then call a method of the form in Lua by this code

  myApp.method(frm1 , "Show")

this all works fine and in the C# code it calls frm1Show() to display the form.

The obvious thing I dont like about that is the horrible syntax, I want to be able to call something like in Lua.

How would I go about rejigging that syntax construct ?  Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks