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Hello all,

I am glad to announce the first ever release of ljndpi, a binding for the
nDPI deep packet inspection library [1] using the LuaJIT FFI extension.
Using this binding allows network applications to guess to which application
network packets belongs to, solely by inspecting the packet data. This is
mainly useful for application-level (layer 7) network firewalls, IDS systems,
or other network appliances.

The ljndpi binding is needed for a larger project [2] we are developing at
Igalia, where I work, with funding from the NLnet Foundation [3] — big kudos
to them for their support!

The project homepage is at GitHub:

This first version is to be considered beta quality software. The most
important pieces of the API are available, as I have focused on what we
need at the moment. For a taste on how to use it, the best option is to
read through the example program included in the repository:

As it is a byproduct of a larger piece of software, you may we worried
about the plans for further development of ljndpi. Well, fear not: I am
doing the development of ljndpi in its own repository, and importing
the changes every now and then using git-subtree. Whenever a fix or a
feature is needed, it will go to the ljndpi repository first :-)

Best regards,

 ⌨ Adrian


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