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2016-01-27 19:42 GMT+02:00 Peter Aronoff <>:

> Maybe Pierre can speak to this, but I don't honestly know how modules get
> onto Lua Toolbox. I'm the author of two modules that are listed: split and
> tapered. I can't remember if I uploaded them or if someone else did. Or
> maybe the toolbox just scrapes LuaRocks periodically? (I don't think that's
> it because a third module I have on LuaRocks isn't listed on the toolbox.)
> In any case, so many modules are unendorsed or only endorsed by one or two
> people. I'm not sure how much I would make of that. But maybe I'm just
> rationalizing because both of my modules are currently unendorsed. ;)

I've just endorsed it :-) The kicker was that your module is commented
with a three-hyphen first line. If I have my module "ihelp" loaded as "help",
then "help(split.split)" gives me

--- split(string, delimiter) => { results }
-- Return a table composed of substrings divided by a delimiter or pattern.