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2016-01-26 4:10 GMT+02:00 Hisham <>:

> I, for one, am really happy to know that the next time I need a
> string-split function I'll be able to just type `luarocks install
> split`

What do you type when you need a json function?

> There's _a few people_ in this list that keep insisting that "the Lua
> way" is to "roll your own", but the fact that Penlight stands as the
> 8th most downloaded rock with 2771 downloads *this week* says
> otherwise.

I did not mean to disparage Penlight, only to point that the precise
tool one needs in Lua is seldom found exactly as required on the

I'm one of the people who downloaded Penlight. Everybody should,
even if they like rolling their own. It's a model of how to code and
document Lua.There is more to it (by a factor of about 50) than
merely its Pythonic string library. Some of the modules (url and xml,
for example) package expertise that would require some research
to acquire, and thus fall within the scope of what I look for in a rock.