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Thanks for the info Élie.

I'm aware of iTorch, but if I'm not wrong, it has been developed for luajit and Torch is embeded into its core. For instance, you cannot do plots using other objects than tensors, so IMHO it is not as general to play well with plain Lua. Howecer I have to say that iTorch has a very well grounded code base, and a very large community.

My intention is to integrate into this kernel the ability and flecibility to be ectended easily by other Lua modules, as scilua and similars which also implement kind of matrix/tensor libraries.
PakoZM :-)

El 16 oct 2015, a las 1:00, Elie Michel <> escribió:

Hi all,

Facebook researchers released an IPython kernal (well, we should say Jupyter now) for Torch:

Torch is a lua library so as a by-product, this is a lua kernel. You might be interested in having a look at it!


On 10/15/2015 06:55 PM, Paco Zamora Martínez wrote:
I would like to announce some achivements with this IPython kernel:

I have added basic code for plotting allowing to be extended using new
metamethods (ipylua_show and ipylua_toseries functions declared at the
metatable). You can see this kernel interacting with APRIL-ANN (a
toolkit for pattern recognition we are developing for 10 years now):

The documentation stills inexistent, I would like to document the
current state of this kernel as soon as possibl. As always, any help
will be wellcome :-) The code can be improved in several ways (sure)


Pako ZM :)

On 5 October 2015 at 10:18, Paco Zamora Martínez <
<>> wrote:

   I have a mistake in my last email, IPyLua is being implemented for
   IPython v2.

       So what exactly does this do? Let Lua use Python modules?

   Before Jupyter, IPython was the named of a frontend for notebooks
   allowing mixing literate sentences with code and fancy outputs (as
   images, plots, etc.) This frontend was agnostic of the programming
   language, however its first kernel was for Python and they called it
   IPython. Currently, the frontend has been moved to project Jupyter.
   What I'm doing is continuing the work of Neomantra
   (lua_ipython_kernel) in order to make it work with IPython v2.

   So, this project is a Lua kernel for IPython (not Jupyter), besides
   a simple API which allow Lua modules to extend the fancy
   functionality of this kernel, allowing plots, images, etc.
   Nevertheless, the project stills in development. You can see an
   example of the notebooks here:

       Sent from my Game Boy.