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It has been some time ago that this topic come up in the list. I have been working in the abandoned code of lua_ipython_kernel making it work in the most simple way. The code is not an example of good practices, I have been working on it for only two days, but I would like to develop it more further. The code can be found here (I have renamed it to IPyLua):

My idea is to introduce some kind of facility to allow Lua modules to perform introspection. Any Lua module can be conscient that it is running into a IPyLua environment (looking into registry table), and if it is the case, the Lua module can stack into a Lua table its own helper functions. Doing this way, modules which declare new types in Lua would declare how this new types can be represented in a ipython environment. I think this idea can be useful to put together into a ipython kernel all the diversity of Lua and its community.

If anybody is interested  any help will be wellcome :-)