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It was thus said that the Great Karel Tuma once stated:
> Excerpts from Sean Conner's message of 2015-10-03 03:21:44 +0200:
> >   Sorry about that---hot button topic.
> That much is obvious.
> >   I never heard of this, and did some reading up on it.  In my case, it
> > won't work since we use a platform not supported by UPX. 
> Interesting. May I ask which platform?
> If this is bare metal (but otherwise powerful enough to not warrant XIP),
> bootloader (fe uBoot) usually plays the same role as UPX.

  Solaris running on some pretty beefy SPARC hardware.  I compressed the
scripts before embedding them just because the large size of the resulting
executable [1].  I decided to compress them partly to assuage my own
feelings that "damn!  That executable is HUGE!" and as an excuse to play
around with zlib.

  While the previous developer treated the project as an embedded system,
it's not really.


[1]	Yes, it could be considered "premature optimization" in the bad
	sense.  But I was working on that anyway since the previous
	incarnation loaded each Lua module and placed them into
	packages.preload[], which not only bloated each Lua instance, but
	made creation of new Lua states (at the C level with
	luaL_newstate()) take too long.  The solution there was to create a
	custom loader to load from memory and not pre-populate