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I tend to agree with Andrew. Are we sure we want to specify it that much? For a lot of people these two words have little difference. Having this set of rules might generate animosity towards newcomers who use "the wrong word" or have "the wrong attitude" on their first contact ever. I like it better when discussions evolve freely. If an idea is good, hopefully something good will come out of it either way, otherwise you can still just ignore the message. It's not like someone is saying something offensive.


On Sep 28, 2015 6:02 PM, "Andrew Starks" <> wrote:
On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 2:20 AM, Dirk Laurie <> wrote:
> A proposal has the following properties:
> 1. The proposer wants it incorporated in a future Lua and is
> not interested in ways to achieve the same effect by exploiting
> current features.
> 2. The proposer continues arguing, rebutting all criticism, even
> when almost nobody seems to like the proposal.
> A suggestion has the following properties:
> 1. Well thought out, so that everything that needs to be said
> is said and everything irrelevant is omitted.
> 2. The poster offers it as something to be discussed and does
> not enter the discussion again unless requested to.

Perhaps instead of *proposal*, an *observation*? An observation is:

A short narrative that describes a reality. In particular, a reality
that could be improved upon by some form of change.

My observations are that...

This is unenforceable. Therefore, instead of correcting or scolding
(even long-time people), I/we might write an observation for someone
who has gone through the trouble of making a proposal, and they can
correct that observation and that will put the proposal on the right
track. (?) Or, suggest they write an observation. Or ignore the

Ignoring a proposal is the fastest way to quiet it and all other proposals.

Observations are assertable.

Observations are a good conversational tool for getting the right
people (the people you're trying to persuade) to consider the issue as
a real issue.

[At this point, I keep typing for hours and generate a Great Wall of
Text, so I'll stop here. The "human thing" is something that I think a
great deal about, so this topic will always get me to post...]