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On Monday, 28 September 2015, Dirk Laurie <> wrote:
A proposal has the following properties:

1. The proposer wants it incorporated in a future Lua and is
not interested in ways to achieve the same effect by exploiting
current features.
2. The proposer continues arguing, rebutting all criticism, even
when almost nobody seems to like the proposal.

Does it matter? It seems to me that these posts tend to trigger lively discussions. 

A suggestion has the following properties:

1. Well thought out, so that everything that needs to be said
is said and everything irrelevant is omitted.
2. The poster offers it as something to be discussed and does
not enter the discussion again unless requested to.

I disagree with above. I am certainly not good at formulating fully formed ideas ... Often it is good to bounce ideas and iteratively improve. And who will decide whether an idea is good, fully formed, etc.?