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>   Why does everybody assume "org" is the "main" module when it's not?  It's
> not "org" with "conman.syslog" as a submodule, it's "org.conman.syslog".
> The first two levels, "org.conman" just namespace my modules.
>   Geeze, I might have to make "org.flummux.syslog" just to prove the point!

>   -spc (I must be the odd-man out ... )

Well, I am with you: note that a certain Lua project has a bunch of
modules with names such as "luarocks.fetch", "",
and so on, and there is no main module called "luarocks".

-- Hisham (let's make some T-shirts "namespacing is not a crime")

I don't think namespacing is a crime :) . But even if it is a namespace I would have thought that I would want to place things with 1 namespace in a particular location. Currently with org.conman.syslog and say org.conman.xx and with a lua path C:\a\b\c\..\?\d\?.lua It would try to find xx and syslog in 2 different directories. I would think it doesn't matter if you have it as a namespace or a sub module the intention was that things inside a particular redirection reside location. Maybe I am missing some other cases that would fail.