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On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 4:32 PM, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
<> wrote:
> All feedback welcome. Thanks.

For Reference Manual section 4.7:


Because of the example code, one might expect to be able to write
something like:

     int original_function (lua_State *L) {
       ...     /* code 1 */
       return k(L, lua_callk(L, n, m, h, ctx2, k), ctx1);

but that doesn't work because the lua_callk return type is void. Maybe
lua_call[k] should return an integer, always LUA_OK? (For symmetry
reasons...) We could also have lua_yieldk return an int (LUA_YIELD),
but of course lua_yieldk always results in a yield and longjmp; it
would just look pretty.]


"For lua_yieldk and lua_callk, the status is always LUA_YIELD when Lua
calls the continuation. (For these two functions, Lua will not call
the continuation in case of errors, because they do not handle

seems to suggest that lua_yieldk may have an intervening error (as if
a call to lua_yield could cause an error instead of a yield). I had to
double check the manual that lua_yieldk cannot throw an error**. I
would advise framing this in reverse:

"status is always LUA_YIELD except for pcallk where status could be an
error code or successful completion (LUA_OK)."

However, it's no longer correct if (1) is adopted.

** Well actually it apparently can, if yielding across a C call
boundary or in the main thread. Is that an error in the manual?

Patrick Donnelly