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> On IBM mainframe’s  z/OS (v1r13) everything seems OK…


> Just a remark/question :
> ULLONG_MAX apparently is defined in ISO C99 standard
> Is C99 is a new requirement to build Lua ?

This is a little muddy. Legally, even "long long" is C99. However, many
platoforms now seem to support "long long" and LLONG_MAX/LLONG/MIN.
(Restricted hardware sometimes have more restrictive C compilers, but
probably they will use Small Lua anyway. And all that stuff is defined
in luaconf, so that it can be adapted if needed.)

For some strange reason, ULLONG_MAX is not as popular as LLONG_MAX.
Its use can be replaced like this:


Just in case, we will remove ULLONG_MAX in the next version.

-- Roberto