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Hi All
Thanks a lot. Using your recommended means (-DLUA_USE_APICHECK and checking return values of luaL_loadstring, lua_pcall ) , I found the errors.

I am trying to resolve the errors.

Lets say I have a simple function as below.

const char *c_function = "function modify_content_length(msg, length) "
                         "local offset = string.find(msg, \"\r\n\r\n\", 1, true) "
                         "return 0 "

Looks I am getting error for line "local offset = string.find(msg, \"\r\n\r\n\", 1, true) "
If that line I change to "local offset = string.find(msg, \"someword\", 1, true) " then I do not get error (do not crash, execution completes).

Ideally both statements are similar, in one case I have \r\n\r\n and other case I have someward.

In 1st case I get error "COMPILE: [string "function modify_content_length(msg, length) l..."]:1: unfinished string near '"'"

and other case it executes and not crashed.

Kindly help me to understand why this error.


On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 2:21 AM, Tim Hill <> wrote:

On Jun 27, 2014, at 1:46 PM, Coda Highland <> wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 11:18 AM, Tim Hill <> wrote:
>> The Lua code is wrong in the first line, where you both attempt to create a
>> function by name (“modify_content_length” and also assign it to the variable
>> “c_function". You should do one or the other, but not both:
>> c_function = function(msg, length) …
>> function modify_content_length(msg, length)
> Take a look again:
>> const char *c_function = "function modify_content_length(msg, length) "
> c_function is a C variable, not a Lua variable. That particular error
> isn't the problem here.
> I'm not sure what the actual problem IS, beyond the observations
> already made in this thread, which is why I hadn't chimed in yet.
> /s/ Adam

lol serve me right for squinting at the code on my phone .. asterisk looks too much like double quotes :)