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2014-06-23 7:19 GMT+01:00 Michael Gerbracht <>:
> I would like to use os.execute() to run an .exe file with a path as argument.
> I tried the following:
> path = [["C:\program files\lua\lua.exe" "C:\Users\name surname\test.lua"]]
> print(path)
> os.execute(path)
> I do get an error, that 'C:\Users\name' is not recogized as internal or
> external command.
> I know that you should put some quotes around the path if it contains spaces.
> And in my case both pathes used may contain spaces. If you put the content of
> path variable into a .bat file it works. I expected that os.execute(command)
> does the same as putting the command in a .bat file but there seems to be a
> difference.
> Do you have any idea how to get it working?

A good rule of thumb on Windows when you run a command through C
(which Lua uses) and the command contains double quotes, is to
surround the whole command with an additional pair of double quotes.
So your script should become:

path = [[""C:\program files\lua\lua.exe" "C:\Users\name surname\test.lua""]]

You can type "cmd /?" in a console for an explanation of what's going
on in details.