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I would like to use os.execute() to run an .exe file with a path as argument.
I tried the following:

path = [["C:\program files\lua\lua.exe" "C:\Users\name surname\test.lua"]]

I do get an error, that 'C:\Users\name' is not recogized as internal or
external command.

I know that you should put some quotes around the path if it contains spaces.
And in my case both pathes used may contain spaces. If you put the content of
path variable into a .bat file it works. I expected that os.execute(command)
does the same as putting the command in a .bat file but there seems to be a

Do you have any idea how to get it working?

P.S.: Please note that usually you need the excape sequence \\ for the \
character in lua. When using [[]] brakets this seems not to be necessary,
otherwise the print command would not show the desired output.

Thank you very much!
Michael Gerbracht