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The title can hardly be changed, by this point. Many textbooks on
various languages follow this naming pattern on Wikibooks (all of
these books, which all exist, use this naming pattern: Ada
Programming, C Programming, C Sharp Programming, F Sharp Programming,
Tcl Programming, Java Programming, PHP Programming, Python
Programming, REBOL Programming, Game Maker Programming, Windows
Programming, ActionScript Programming, BASIC Programming, C++
Programming, Clojure Programming, Io Programming, MATLAB Programming,
OpenGL Programming, Perl 6 Programming, Perl Programming, Ruby
Programming, TI-Basic Z80 Programming, SuperCard Programming, X Window
Programming, AppleScript Programming, Cg Programming, Cocoa
Programming, ColdFusion Programming, CORBA Programming, Delphi
Programming, Erlang Programming, GLSL Programming, J2ME Programming,
List Programming, Objective-C Programming, Oracle Programming, Pascal
Programming, PBASIC Programming, PHP and MySQL Programming, PyGTK For
GUI Programming, R Programming, Standard ML Programming, TI-Basic 84
Programming, TI-Basic 89 Programming), so I think it’s logical to keep
this name.

On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 5:05 PM, Pierre Chapuis <> wrote:
>> I have started writing, in January 2013, a book I have called "Lua
>> Programming", which I have published on Wikibooks. This book is now
>> complete, and I am announcing it here to make it known to people who
>> could be interested in reading it or contributing to it. Since
>> Wikibooks is a collaborative project (in many ways like Wikipedia, but
>> with, as its purpose, to create educative textbooks), anyone can
>> contribute to the books it hosts, and this includes this book.
>> Many other languages (Haskell, Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby,
>> and others) have a textbook on Wikibooks, and I wanted Lua to have one
>> as well. I think this book is valuable in particular because it is
>> available to read for free on the web and is released under a free
>> license (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike), because it has a
>> general focus, and because it does not assume any programming
>> experience, while containing content meant for people of all levels.
> Nice project. Maybe you should find another title to ensure
> people do not confuse it with Programming in Lua though?
> --
> Pierre Chapuis