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Ah, yes, I am aware. The PDF output is terrible, and I have seen the
problem with <samp> tags (it also happens with <dfn> and others). It
is generated automatically and I have no control over the tool that
generates it, but one of the things I want to do is to adapt the book
so that the output is a little better. I might end up using another
tool to generate a PDF version manually, but that would mean not being
able to have a PDF document generated on-demand with the latest
version of the text.

On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 5:10 AM, Ulrich Schmidt <> wrote:
> Thanks for your work.
> I downloaded the book as a pdf document and took a quick 1st lok into.
> It seems the <samp> tag does not work for pdf output. you may want to take a
> look at the "Hello World!" chapter.
> Ulrich Schmidt
> Am 19.06.2014 21:47, schrieb Mark Otaris:
>> I have started writing, in January 2013, a book I have called "Lua
>> Programming", which I have published on Wikibooks. This book is now
>> complete, and I am announcing it here to make it known to people who
>> could be interested in reading it or contributing to it. Since
>> Wikibooks is a collaborative project (in many ways like Wikipedia, but
>> with, as its purpose, to create educative textbooks), anyone can
>> contribute to the books it hosts, and this includes this book.
>> Many other languages (Haskell, Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby,
>> and others) have a textbook on Wikibooks, and I wanted Lua to have one
>> as well. I think this book is valuable in particular because it is
>> available to read for free on the web and is released under a free
>> license (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike), because it has a
>> general focus, and because it does not assume any programming
>> experience, while containing content meant for people of all levels.
>> At the moment, the focus is given to the usage of the language itself
>> (the syntax and the libraries) because that's what I know best. There
>> is no documentation of the C API or of more internal or technical
>> details; this is something that is really missing and I hope someone
>> will fill this gap one day.
>> The book is available at this address: