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Hello Lua List,

Elektra provides a universal and secure framework to store configuration 
parameters in a global, hierarchical key database. The core is a small 
library implemented in C. The plugin-based framework fulfills many 
configuration-related tasks to avoid any unnecessary code duplication across 
applications while it still allows the core to stay without any external 
dependency. Elektra abstracts from cross-platform-related issues with an 
consistent API, and allows applications to be aware of other applications' 
configurations, leveraging easy application integration.

While the core is in C, both applications and soon plugins can be written in 
lua. The API is complete and fully functional but not yet stable. So if you 
have any suggestions, please let us know.

Additionally the latest release added:
- C++11 und python bindings
- a plugin to read virtually every configuration file around
- logging to journald (next to syslog)
- many other improvements and bug fixes
- compiler support for icc (+in clang warnings were fixed)
- for more details see:

You can download the release at:
 md5sum: 4a59824e70a29295e9ef9ae7605d9299

Make sure to enable BUILD_SWIG and BUILD_SWIG_LUA.

Docu (C/C++) can be found here:

best regards,