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Hi, list!

Announcing lua-hiredis release 0.2.

This is a bugfix release with minor features.

  * Fixed `TYPE` command
  * Introduced `hiredis.status` table to hold reply statuses
  * Following constants are deprecated in favor of their `hiredis.status`
    counterparts and will eventually be removed:
      *  `hiredis.OK`
      *  `hiredis.QUEUED`
      *  `hiredis.PONG`
  * Updated bundled hiredis to v0.10.1-34-gf2ddeea


This MIT-licensed Lua module binds hiredis[1] C client library for
Redis[2] server.

Redis is an open source, advanced key-value store. It is often
referred to as a data structure server since keys can contain strings,
hashes, lists, sets and sorted sets.[3]

Hiredis is a minimalistic C client library for the Redis database.[4]

Status of the project:

The lua-hiredis module is pretty stable. It is heavily used in production
under high load by the author and team. There are still some things to do
(see TODO file) in the feature completeness field, this is why the module
is not 1.0 yet. But all the features necessary for regular usage are here.


* * *

All and any feedback welcome!


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