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Oh... I had suspected that, but didn't check it because I was content with using Lua 5.1 up to now, the reason being somewhat subjective (5.1 has existed for 6 years, so I expect it a bit more "stable" and there's probably a lot more code lying around for copy/pasting). Also, we're using LuaJIT for easy access of C-side structs from the soon-to-be new scripting language (for those curious reading a bunch of Lua newbie code, :)). And my understanding is that LuaJIT git HEAD is mostly Lua 5.1 with 5.2 features implemented incrementally so as to keep backward-compatibility with 5.1.

So, from now on I guess this report refers to LuaJIT only if the slight imprecision in the 5.1 Reference is considered a non-issue. I understand that scripting languages don't specify things with the same rigor as C or... functional languages, but in any case the difference in behavior is interesting to know if you're developing for a variety of platforms.


On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 3:05 PM, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:
> first off, the issue I will describe is somewhat similar to some postings
> found in the archive (mostly "luaO_str2d, strtod and hexadecimal numbers
> under IRIX"), but I decided to create a new thread instead of replying to a
> 2-year old one because I feel that it warrants new discussion.
> [...]
> As far as "fixing" the issue goes, various alternatives pop to mind:
>  [...]

Did you check Lua 5.2?

-- Roberto