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Lately I've been toying with SL4A (Scripting Layer for Android) to write an app in Lua. At present I don't have access to a PC, just an Android tablet (which thankfully has a USB port to connect a keyboard to), and with SL4A I can write simple apps entirely on the tablet.

Unfortunately I've run into an issue with the LuaSocket port - it segfaults frequently. The cause seems to have to do with having a certain amount of received data buffered, presumably to trigger a realloc of the buffer. The net effect is that any app using sockets is extremely unstable. I've never run into this issue on a PC, so I assume it's a bug introduced in porting, or possibly one that just never manifests due to platform differences.

I've reported this to the SL4A bug tracker (which automatically posts to the mailing list), but by the sounds of it they don't have anyone working on the Lua port right now, and if I understand correctly SL4A isn't even to blame for the issue; it just provides an RPC server and a module to talk to it. So maybe someone on this list knows more about the Lua port?