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> Yes, I have to side with William on this one.  From a user
> perspective, the output of './configure --help' is very daunting, and
> the key custom configuration parameters (like where your non-standard
> Lua is) are hidden n the noise.

Did we had the same discussion a few months ago? I'll repeat my point
back then  ;-) Yes, from a /user/ perspective who downloads and builds
the application/library this is true. But I really like to hear the
opinion of a distros package manager. From them the noise is useful,
and from what I get they love autoconf built packages, since it allows
them to all the funky stuff they need out of the box like virtual
root. In that case the /user/ as in user will just click the package
from the package manager of his/her choice and never be into any of
the details of building it.