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On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 7:22 PM, Michael Richter <> wrote:
> The Fossil[1] community had this whole process not all that long ago.
> Automake/autoconf were rejected as not being portable and being in general a
> complete pain in the lower torso anatomy to use.  The solution that was used
> in the end was a little piece of software called autosetup[2].

Has anybody been using autosetup with lua projects?

I've been playing with it. I've had trouble finding a decent tcl
syntax summary, but its not like I know m4 very well, either.

I quite like it. I particularly like that it does the part that make
does poorly: feature discovery, build parameterization, outputting a
config.h, and injecting discovered values into the template Makefile.
Much, much easier to understand, and easy to apply to existing

I've just been playing around with it in a stub project, trying to see
if it can do the lua header file discovery that every lua binding so
annoyingly needs to do. Result is here:

Is anybody else using autosetup with lua? If there are public repos,
I'd like to see more examples.

Btw, I also looked at premake, and its pretty much exactly what I
don't want, a replacement for make, that controls all aspects of the
build. Nice that its in lua, but no...


> [2]: