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Jay Carlson wrote:
> Tcl is like the platonic essence of a programming language designed around string interpolation, in the same way Lua is for tables and Scheme is for cons cells. A lot of us have written various hacky little macro expansion languages; core Tcl is those done right. Tcl's major charm is that function arguments are not evaluated, making it easy to build special forms and little languages. So other than the core {}[]"$f" syntax, Tcl syntax is whatever you want it to be.

The Fossil DVCS/bug tracker/wiki/CMS (which I've been using, and is
really nice) uses a Tcl subset called TH1 as its default template
language. It's specifically a *template* language, designed to do simple
stuff in HTML files, rather than a fully-fledged scripting language, and
somewhat to my horror actually seems to do the job quite well...

The implementation is about 4000 lines of well-commented C, and the
programming manual is 26 pages:

I can't say I *like* it, but I can appreciate the minimalism of the design.

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