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i am sorry for ask something like this, but i did not understand which function of lpeg i should use to parser a string which contains a lua code sample

local code = [[
   --some lua code here

i tried print(lpeg.match(lpeg.P(lua), code)) but it prints just the index of first character after the match or nil if the match does not occur

I need a error message like those showed by lua interpreter when it find a syntactic error, instead the nil value printed . 
How can i get this errors messages using the lpeg and the Lua Parser code found on this page


returns the index in the subject of the first character after the match, or the ca  

2012/7/17 Igor Medeiros <>
Thanks by replies.

Best wishes,

2012/7/17 Robert G. Jakabosky <>

On Tuesday 17, Igor Medeiros wrote:
> Hi,
> Are there some lua parser done in lua or C available for download? If there
> exists, could someone tell me where find it?

This page has a Lua Lexer & Lua Parser written in Lua that uses LPeg:

Robert G. Jakabosky