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On 17 July 2012 01:32, Sam Roberts <> wrote:
> Btw, I also looked at premake, and its pretty much exactly what I
> don't want, a replacement for make, that controls all aspects of the
> build. Nice that its in lua, but no...

FYI and you are not alone in thinking this, but this is not what
Premake is. As the name would suggests it runs before make (or others)
and is a cross platform project generator ie it generates Visual
Studio solutions, Xcode projects, makefiles, CodeBlocks, CodeLite etc
much like CMake does yet using a sane Language :)

> that controls all aspects of the build
With the latest development version you can add blocks of code which
will be placed as is into a Makefile etc and you have been able to run
your own scripts for build events for a long time, ie it does not
always control all aspects.