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2012/7/4 steve donovan <>:

> Something like that is possible with pl.xml, with the following declarations:
> local xml = require 'pl.xml'
> local macro, names = xml.tags 'macro,names'
> It's easier to debug Lua than XML, so
> the tag constructors need to be declared here.

You have a point there.  In particular, my application
(writing a CSL file for the way mathematical journals
like their references) has only a few XML tags.

On the other hand, it's also quite easy to have the
best of both worlds by letting this __index function
issue a log message when creating a new function.

Maybe you could add the Penlight XML reference to:

or at least in the Penlight entry add a list of modules so
a Wiki search on "XML" catches Penlight's XML module.
(You last updated that entry over three years ago.)

I'm not complaining — writing code is never a waste of
time — but if I knew about pl.xml yesterday, I may not have
gone the way of rolling my own.